Advance Traffic Management System

Advance Traffic Management System

Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) is a sophisticated technology-driven solution for transportation and traffic management. It seamlessly integrates various data sources, including sensors like cameras, loop detectors, and GPS, to monitor and collect real-time traffic data, providing a comprehensive overview of the transportation network.ATMS not only controls traffic signals, variable message signs, and other devices to optimize traffic flow but also aids in incident management by identifying and responding to accidents and adverse conditions. It analyzes traffic patterns, enhances safety, reduces delays, and contributes to environmental sustainability through adaptive control and public information dissemination, making it a crucial tool for improving overall transportation efficiency and safety. 





VIDS uses cameras and image processing software to monitor traffic conditions. It captures real-time video footage and processes it to detect vehicles, analyze traffic flow, and identify incidents.


VIDS is used for traffic surveillance, monitoring congestion, incident detection, and traffic data collection.

System that helps manage traffic better.

  • Traffic Monitoring

  • Data Collection

  • Incident Management

  • Integration

  • Traffic Analysis

  • Communication

  • Safety

  • Scalability

  • Decision Support

  • Environmental Benefits

  • Public Information

  • Adaptive Control

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) integrates cutting-edge technologies like VIDS, VMS, VASS, ECB, ATCC, TTES, MET, and MRCS to optimize traffic flow, enhance safety, and improve overall transportation efficiency.